Introducing Natalie Adams

Written by carecareers


My name is Natalie Adams and I am 22 years old. I am employed at Greenacres Disability Services and work in the production area, performing tasks such as labelling the Nads kits, packaging pasta jars, Revlon makeup and various other packaging jobs.

My trainer is Jess Toland and I like her as a friend, my best friend. Jess teaches me how to perform various tasks relating to the job at hand. Jess also helps me with problems relating to work and my personal life. She has a great sense of humour and I really like working with her.

I have made lots of new friends here at work. Their names are Tim, Matthew, Daniel and Alys and they are also my best friends. I have met many others as well.

Outside of work I act in drama classes with The Disability Trust and there are work friends there as well, like Brooke and Evan. I also play basketball with my friends, Tim and Matthew. I also like to knit, do some artwork and read books to help me relax.

I like getting up early and getting myself organised to go to work at Greenacres. Each day I look forward to seeing my work friends and my trainer, Jess.


My next update

Written by Rachel Murphy

Hi readers, this is Rachel from Greenacres giving you an update on my work.

Over the past month I have been unwell and not working very much but I am OK now. I have learnt to answer the phones at work when staff are tied up, this is very cool. I have also worked a lot on checking goods for mistakes before they leave the factory, for things like Nads hair kits, first aid kits and my favourite, filling formalin jars.

I have been working hard on other skills that I need for working, such as not being so sensitive about different subjects, which has been a little problem between Stephen and Richard (supervisors) and me. I have sat down with Stephen and talked it through and everything is now OK.

I have learnt that to be a good worker it is important to be on time and to be as professional as I can be, and also to be more mature and considerate with my fellow workers. Kathy, Debbie and John help me with problem solving, while I have a steady relationship with Greg and Kay.

John trains me on new jobs and helps with most problems, while Debbie helps me out when I have issues with my faith, as she is very good at this.

That’s all for now. I hope that you enjoy my blog.

God bless,


PS. I have brought a DVD of my drama group’s production of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ to work for the staff to watch.


We are all different

Written by Rachel Murphy

My name is Rachel Murphy and I am 28 years old and my disability is Down Syndrome. I am employed at Greenacres Disability Services where I work on packaging jobs, such as first aid kits, downlight kits, oyster lights and a wide range of other packaging and assembly tasks.

My case manager and trainer is John Russell and he is fantastic. John is trying to teach me to be humorous, as he is with me and all my workmates. We work well together, as I do with other staff members such as Debbie, Kathy, Greg and Stephen.

I have lots of good friends at work, some that I went to school with and others that I have met at work. My best friends at work are my serious boyfriend Damian and my best friend from school Vanessa, as well as Andrew. Then I met Chris and so many others at work.

When I am not working I act in the local drama group, Altogether Drama, and there are several work friends there as well, like Rachel, Tony and Belinda. I also like to knit and study my bible – this helps me calm down when I am stressed.

Greenacres is the best place to work because they have given me and all my work friends the opportunity to do worthwhile and interesting work. Everybody that works here has a disability, even some staff. We are all different, but treated as individuals, which is awesome.

That’s all for now. Talk to you soon.