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Hi readers, this is Rachel from Greenacres giving you an update on my work.

Over the past month I have been unwell and not working very much but I am OK now. I have learnt to answer the phones at work when staff are tied up, this is very cool. I have also worked a lot on checking goods for mistakes before they leave the factory, for things like Nads hair kits, first aid kits and my favourite, filling formalin jars.

I have been working hard on other skills that I need for working, such as not being so sensitive about different subjects, which has been a little problem between Stephen and Richard (supervisors) and me. I have sat down with Stephen and talked it through and everything is now OK.

I have learnt that to be a good worker it is important to be on time and to be as professional as I can be, and also to be more mature and considerate with my fellow workers. Kathy, Debbie and John help me with problem solving, while I have a steady relationship with Greg and Kay.

John trains me on new jobs and helps with most problems, while Debbie helps me out when I have issues with my faith, as she is very good at this.

That’s all for now. I hope that you enjoy my blog.

God bless,


PS. I have brought a DVD of my drama group’s production of ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ to work for the staff to watch.

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